Dosage of Gas & Liquids

Series H – PTFE Seal

virginal PTFE - Seal

Replaceable plunger


Series SH

prevents heat transfer from the hand to the contents
protects the plunger from bending (reinforced)

Plunger stop prevent blow out
Replaceable plunger

Series G

sealed plunger on glass barrel end

dosage with counter-pressure

Series P

Gastight, adjustable PTFE-seal on the top of the plunger
Very long lifetime of the seal

Head Space Analysis

Sample dosage

PEEK Tubing Connector

fits any tube from 0.8 to 3.2 mm Ø
totally inert, no metal contact

reduced dead volume

chemically resistant

direct connection

Adjustable Internal Stopper

internal index stop is adjustable to any volume
for faster work and better reproducibility

excellent for routine dosages