Needle Tip Style

    Needle Tip aNeedle Tip "a"
    This tip is designed for optimum penetration of the septa and prevents septa coring.
    The 17 bevel is proven standard. In addition our electro tapered tip minimizes
    the necessary piercing force and diameter of the injection channel.

    Needle Tip bNeedle Tip "b"
    This tip has a 90 bevel for precise pipetting. This design releases drops completely,
    for maximum reproducibility. It is widely used for HPLC sample injection.

    Needle Tip cNeedle Tip "c"
    This tip has been specially designed for autosamplers in routine applications.
    The electro tapered tip and the polished 90 square end eliminate burrs.
    It is ideal for PTFE laminated seals and regular septas.

    Needle Tip dNeedle Tip "d"
    Tip "d" is equipped with a side opening for dispensing and filling.
    This design avoids plugging and minimizes septum damage.
    It is ideal for thicker septa and recommended for headspace analysis.